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On September 4-5, a two-day and two-night "Break&Fusion-create achievement doubling system" marketing course was launched at Guangzhou Headquarters. The owners, storekeepers and guides of Mercedes fixed doors and windows dealers from all over the country participated in the effective training of thinking and strategic planning, detailed implementation.

At the beginning of the course, Mr. Zhan Myanyang, chairman and President of GUANGZHOU MSG INTELLIGENT HOME CO., LTD., expressed his warm welcome on behalf of the company and explained the concept of MSG's corporate culture. Since its inception, MSG has focused on passionate innovation, quality service and industry reputation. Innovations include innovations in concepts such as the concept of "Integrated Doors and Windows", innovations in whole-process intelligent systems, innovations in product development and service systems, etc. MSG has focused on intelligent and convenient software systems, he said. Unification, enterprise and team systems and processes, based on culture, keep in mind the brand mission of "integrating innovation, good quality, beauty and solidity of each household". With the work execution ability of "answering questions, responding to requests, implementing immediately and feedback immediately", the cooperation of each link becomes efficient, diligent and practical, and upholds the university's principle. Don't forget your heart and go all the way!

This course, with "absolute transaction", "family marketing", "360-degree store management", "breeding and retention mechanism" four systems to create double achievement of the retail system, service system, store system, organizational system!

The retail system takes "absolute transaction" as the center to carry out the course training, pointing out the "pain and weakness" of the current dealers and store managers, and making a comprehensive analysis, from how to interact with customers, build trust, obtain customer recognition to the specific psychological analysis of home building materials customers, how To promote transactions and other aspects, we have thoroughly analyzed the necessary factors of absolute turnover and various coping strategies.

Through the training of "Family Marketing" and the analysis of typical service cases, the service system leads to nine principles to attract customers'attention. It also introduces how to carry out new customer development, benchmarking customer service, old customer service and pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system, so that customers can become loyal users of brands and serve them. To promote the transformation of sales mode systematically. 

The organizational system points out that the first step of entrepreneurship is to build a team, and tells us all about the methods of recruiting and selecting the team, how to train the team quickly and systematically, how to make the best use of the position, how to achieve long-term companionship and growth with the enterprise. The method is very enlightened. 

Store management system from the "360 degrees of store management," so that managers have a systematic approach and operating rules, each store as long as the implementation of the system persistently, not only to harvest a steady stream of customers, but also to allow customers to become loyal users, a virtuous cycle to protect store profits. 

Two days-Two nights of enrichment training, everyone has harvested full of dry goods, showing the aspirations of students:
"I never thought that a storefront had to have such a systematic strategic plan before."
"The annual sales target formulation originally lacked so many detailed considerations and resource assessments to achieve the conditions";
"A course of 7 or 80 thousand yuan is not as good as the 1/4 of this course, and those courses are empty."
"As a dealer, I didn't really realize what I really want to do for the team every day".
"The team follows me and keeps company with me. What should I do for them? I have the answer now.
Inspired by "360 degree shop management", I feel that I am really a dereliction of duty as a store manager.
"I look for customers in the future have a systematic thinking, the method as long as the way listed in the course can be implemented";
"Let old customers bring me new customers one after another. I never thought of it before."
"I'm lucky to be a trainee. The amount of information is enough to digest for a few years, but the effectiveness is immediate."

A course of business marketing pure dry goods above the level of ten million has come to an end, but the effective implementation has just begun. Whoever insists on the course persistently, whoever is the winner!

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